A Muslim Wedding

  1. в прошлом году

    weddingtrendista.com - https://weddingtrendista.com/destination-weddings-made-easy . A Muslim wedding in India is termed a "Nikaah" and is conducted with a Muslim Priest called "Maulvi", at either the bride-to-be?s or the bridegroom?s place with any convenient time. The "Maulvi" reads certain verses from the Quran and Ijab-e-Qubul (proposal and approval) occurs. The shared consent of both comparative factors is significant for the marriage service to summarize. On the marriage day, elderly members of both families decide the quantity of "Mehar" (a nuptial gift). Unlike a Hindu wedding, the Muslim wedding requires the presenting of cash by the bridegroom?s daddy to the bride-to-be?s father. A legal doc called Nikahnama is agreed upon by the bride-to-be, bridegroom, "Quazi" and Walis for the matrimony to be legal. Later the marriage feast occurs with women and men sitting independently for eating. After dinner, the heads of the groom and bride are covered with a cloth plus they read prayers according to the instructions of the "Maulvi".


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